With the Solar Engine Single Loan, you can sell finance jobs without running into cash flow issues or affecting equipment credit limits.

With Solar Engine's Single Loan you have access to

  • Extremely competitive rates!

  • Direct pay provided on all projects so that your Single Loan jobs will no affect your cash flow or credit limits.

  • Either a 12 or 20 year payback period, with the first 18 months interest only.

  • APRs down to 3.99%.

  • Up to $60K financed per project.

  • credit scores approved as low as 660.

Notes on chart:

Monthly payments are calculated assuming a base system price of $20,000 where total financed price includes full contractor fee , bringing total
financed amount to $24,067; assumes customer applies full ITC amount as a finance prepayment in the first 18 months


Solar Engine's Single Loan is Live in 18 States